True Heroes of Jamestown

by Arthur L. Waldo


This is an interesting (though somewhat controversial) read for anyone doing serious research into the Jamestown Poles.
Despite the title on the book jacket, the real title of the book is "True Heroes of Jamestown."

[picture] Waldo, Arthur L. True Heroes of Jamestown. Miami, FL: American Institute of Polish Culture, 1977. Print.

Waldo wrote this book in order to familiarize people with the Poles' contributions to Jamestown. He believes that without the Polish, Jamestown would have fallen apart as a colony much sooner than it had. He looks at the research of many historians as well as performs his own. Waldo uses Zbigniew Stefanski's memoir Pamietnik Handlowca a.k.a. Memorialium Commercatoris (Merchant's Memoir) published in Amsterdam, Holland, ca. 1625 as a source, however there are some questions to its credibility.

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